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Multi-Family Homes: The Pros and Cons

There are plenty of ways to invest in real estate, and multi-family housing is a popular one.

Multi-family properties are basically homes that are incorporated into one larger complex, whether it’s an apartment building, duplex, triplex, or multiplex. Essentially, the homes are structured in such as way that they are able to house multiple families in the same complexes, though all separate from one another.

Photo Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Listing

The vast majority of homebuyers search online during the house-hunting process, which means your listing better be in tip-top shape before buyers set their sights on your property. More specifically, the photos you’ve got posted along with your listing must absolutely be as high-quality as possible in order to pique the interests of buyers.

How is Property Divided When Couples Divorce?

Divorce is a highly unfortunate situation, but it can become extremely complicated when there are joint assets involved that need to be split up. More specifically, the family home will need to be dealt with, which can be a sticky situation in the case of a divorce.

How Does Your Primary Residence Impact Capital Gains Taxes When You Sell?

Planning on selling? There’s plenty to consider, including whether or not you’ll potentially be subject to capital gains taxes. 

Generally speaking, any profits that are made from the sale of real estate may be subject to capital gains taxes. The actual profit itself is considered “capital gains,” and the IRS may want a cut of those profits when it comes time to file your taxes in the spring.

Loopholes in Homeowners Insurance Policies

As a homeowner, you obviously need a homeowners insurance policy. It’s a no-brainer, and it’s also required if you want to keep your mortgage.

Even when you buy a home, your lender will want to make sure that the home you intend to purchase can be insured.

What Should You Do if Your Home Isn’t Selling?

It can be pretty frustrating to sit around waiting for a buyer to put in a solid offer after you’ve listed your home for sale. After listing your home on the market, you’re probably anxious to find a willing buyer and get the sale process moving along.

How Long Does it Take to Sell Your Home?

When sellers list their homes on the market, they’re usually concerned with two main things: how much they can sell for, and how long it will take to sell.

Sellers will usually want to know the answers to these questions right off the bat, and for obvious reasons.