10 Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

Your exterior space is just as important as your interior and warrants an equal amount of attention as far as decorating is concerned. Your landscaping should be inviting and welcoming, and when done right, it can actually add some extra value to your home.

How is a New Home in an Old Neighborhood Valued?

When it comes to valuing homes, the key is to compare them to other properties that are very similar in a number of ways. Real estate professionals typically look at other homes that are similar in location, style, size, design, and age compared to the subject property in order to get an accurate idea of the home's value. In addition, only homes that have been recently sold should be looked at, as market conditions can fluctuate very quickly.

What You Need to Know Before Tearing Down a Wall in Your Home

Looking to open up your interior space to create a more spacious and functional layout? If so, you might be considering tearing down a wall or two to achieve your goal. Sounds simple enough, but removing a wall requires some careful consideration before demolition starts. Before you grab that sledgehammer, make sure you've had a few crucial questions answered first.

Tips to Successfully Sell Your Waterfront Property

Whether your home is perched along the shores of the Pacific or on a sleepy little lake, you've certainly got some great curb appeal. This will certainly work well for you when it comes time to sell - after all, it's tough to beat that type of setting.