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How Do You Prepare for a Photoshoot?

How do you prepare for a photoshoot? When listing your home in the Desert, you want to show off its best features, especially when a photographer has been scheduled to take pictures. How should you go about preparing for the big day?

How do you prepare for a photoshoot in the Desert?

I’m here to help and here are a few to dos and tips to help you be ready:

  • Have your home professionally deep cleaned.
  • Clear counter space and tables leaving the staged items.
  • Remove floor mats and runners.
  • Turn off all TV’s, computer screens, and ceiling fans.
  • Remove any and all refrigerator magnets and pictures/papers.
  • Hide any extension cords or surge protectors.
  • Hide your garbage cans unless they’re within your cabinets.
  • Keep your vertical blinds open at 45o angle unless they open directly to your neighbor’s house or AC unit.
  • If you have any open cabinets or glass doors, make sure they are cleaned and “staged”.
  • Make sure all lights are on in the kitchen, especially over the range and under the counter.
  • Depending on the day, the photographer may or may not have the lights on in the rest of the house; however, you will want to make sure all the light fixtures are functioning.
  • Set the dining room table, but not too extreme.
  • Clear all the items off the bathroom counters unless they are staging items.
  • Remove the bathroom rugs.
  • Make sure the toilet lid is closed and the toilet brush (and any plungers) is hidden.
  • Soap and candles should be out of sight.
  • Go through the house and depersonalize it removing all photos and personal items. You want to do this anyway when listing your home.
  • Put away your remote controls and chargers – again hide any cords or cables.
  • If there are any toys around (children or pets) hide them.
  • Hide any hint of a pet.
  • If you have a bookshelf, tidy the books, and arrange the nick knacks. (However, removing the nick knacks is preferred.)
  • Make all the beds and arrange the decorative pillows.
  • Clear the tops of nightstand and dressers, unless they are staged.
  • There should not be any hampers or clothing showing anywhere; in fact, tidy up the closets.
  • Put away all shoes and jackets in closets.
  • If there is anything under the bed, remove or make sure it’s not caught by the camera.
  • Unless the outside grill is built-in, hide it with its accessories.
  • Have the outdoor furniture cleaned.
  • Hide your outside trash and recycling cans.
  • If you have a pool, hide the hose and pool toys. Pools look so much better without the screener in the pool.
  • Park your cars in the garage.

Of course, when you’re working with me, I will certainly help you prepare to list, photoshoots and the entire listing/closing process. Give me a call and let’s discuss how I can help.

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