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Is your home in the Desert a “Second or Vacation” home?

Is your home in the Desert a “Second or Vacation” home? Have you found yourself not coming out as often as you used to or would like to?

Lives and situations change. What may have been a fun getaway is now tugging at you in the background because you still must take care of and keep up the house you purchased a while back. 

It happens.

As awful as it sounds, it may be time to sell it. However, the good news is now may be the best time to sell your home.

“. . . the last few years have left their legacy for the luxury market. While it might only represent a small percentage of the overall real estate market, luxury homeownership’s influence is growing. Not only has the purchase of homes valued over $1 million (a figure considered by the National Association of Realtors to be a benchmark for luxury) tripled from 2.6% to 6.5% since 2018, but demand for multiple luxury properties has soared over the last two years.

This phenomenal increase has been driven by a growing affluent demographic who consider owning a luxury property a necessity in their asset portfolio. All indications are that this trend is here to stay, albeit that demand is set to return to a more sustainable level.” (Institute for Luxury Home Marketing)

If you find yourself in this situation, give me a call. Even if you’re currently not in the Desert, we can still work together. Let me make it easy for you to sell your home here. With the technology we have in place now, it’s easier than ever to sell (or purchase) your home remotely.

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