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Listing your Home in the Desert?




Listing your Home in the Desert? Do you know what goes into Listing your Home? Listing your home comes with some preconceived ideas … how much it’s worth, how fast it’s going to sell, how valuable it is …. Unfortunately, these ideas may not be quite in line with what is going on in the real estate market in the Desert.

I’d rather have you hear this from me than wrong information on the street ….

The market sets the price.

I know your home can hold quite a bit of value to you, but prospective buyers will not see the same value you do – they and their lenders are comparing numbers. Homes are lined up against each other and compared, setting the market price. Your home’s market price may be higher than you thought, but it may be lower than you thought. I’m here to show you the market price BEFORE the buyers come through. When you work with me, you soon realize how completely straight I am with you. You know exactly how your home should be priced to get your home sold.

However, on the other hand, if you envisioned your home’s price lower than the Desert’s market price, won’t that make a difference at closing?

Real estate is LOCAL

National headlines are all over the place to what is happening in today’s real estate market. Unfortunately, what is happening nationally may not be happening right here in the Desert. Home sales may be booming in Florida, but not in La Quinta. Inventory may be plentiful here in La Quinta, but a real shortage even in San Diego or San Francisco. The only way to know what is happening in the area is to talk to me. I know what is happening in the Desert’s local real estate market. With this information, you can make decisions based on what is happening right here and not what’s going on nationally.

SMALL renovations may BOOST the sale price.

Buyers have calculators in their heads of what the costs are to repair in a home they want to put an offer on. Drippy faucet? $500 Slow drain? $750 Dent in the drywall? $1,000

Now we all know things will not cost that much to repair, but Buyers generally presume repair costs will be a lot more than what they are. Better to get small things tidied up before listing than to have the buyer start deducting what they want to put an offer on.
Need help with renovations? I can help! I have a list of contractors and handypersons who can help you get your home ready to list now or when the Season starts.

Staging makes a difference!!!

“Homes that don’t show well don’t close well.” Staging is not just de-personalizing your home. A staged home difference is dramatic in the number of showings a staged home has, the interest level, positive comments, and offers. Staged homes SELL!

You only have one shot at listing and selling your home in the Desert – it’s best to get it right the first time. That is where I will help. I have the experience and know-how to list your home with today’s market; I have proven marketing strategies to get your home noticed, and I have the negotiating skills and moxie to get the best deal for you, AND I have the expertise to make sure your closing isn’t interrupted by drama.

If you’re thinking about listing your home in the Desert now, give me a call today!! Also, look me up on Facebook!!

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