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Using the Right Paint Color May Increase Your Home’s Value

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Using the Right Paint Color May Increase Your Home’s Value. When getting ready to sell your home in Coachella Valley, you’re likely pondering how to showcase it in the most appealing way to potential buyers. It’s crucial that your space is immaculate, well-organized, and visually appealing, allowing buyers to envision it as their future residence. Traditionally, homeowners have been advised to opt for neutral design schemes. However, this trend may be changing.

Today’s buyers are increasingly drawn to darker, moodier color palettes. In fact, they are willing to pay an average of $2,500 more for a deeper and richer design scheme, with charcoal gray being the most captivating option.

Many designers advise against all-white kitchens since a white kitchen can reduce a home’s sale price by more than $600. The kitchen is a significant area for painting to enhance value, but even more value can be added by painting the living room, especially if it’s currently a bright and cheerful color like yellow.

So, what color should you choose instead?

Charcoal gray is a surprising favorite, even as gray itself might be on its way out. Charcoal gray is the perfect neutral – it’s understated yet dramatic, and its versatility shines when paired with various colors. To intensify its moody ambiance, you can pair it with jewel tones like teal, oxblood, magenta, or emerald. To tone it down, add pastels such as pale blue, blush, or peach. The only color families to avoid with charcoal gray are warmer earth tones like brown or tan.

Regardless of how you use it, gray tones, especially in the kitchen, can significantly enhance a home’s value. A deep, graphite gray kitchen can increase a home’s selling price by approximately $2,512, while a mid-tone pewter gray kitchen can bring in $2,553 more. Gray also has a similar positive impact in other rooms. In comparison to living and bedrooms painted in pale neutrals, gray rooms can increase the value by at least $1,755.

But Be Careful What You Paint Gray

While charcoal grays are increasingly appealing, some gray shades in other areas might hinder sales. For instance, a mid-tone gray front door can cost you up to $3,365 when compared to other choices like cement gray, black, or mid-tone rosy-brown. Homes with a mid-toned brown front door could command offers of $300 more than expected. Wood front doors are more popular than brown-painted ones.

There are certain colors to avoid, such as bright yellow and forest green, which can have varying effects on a home’s value. These impacts are dependent on where and how these colors are used. For instance, buyers would offer $161 less for a home with a fiery red bedroom but would pay $1,085 more for a home with a tomato-red kitchen and $836 more for a home with a bright red living room.

Here are some additional tips for enhancing your home’s appeal through color without necessarily repainting:

You Don’t Have to Paint to Add Value-Boosting Color: Consider adding art to your space, even in an all-white kitchen. The right piece of artwork can elevate the entire room and add aesthetic value to a typically functional area.

Always Add Greenery: Plants can inject color and life into a white-dominated space. How about adding an indoor tree or a potted rosemary topiary to break up the white and bring a little interest?

Textiles Can Work Wonders: Enhance color and drama in your space, especially in the kitchen, by using textiles. Options include washable cotton or indoor/outdoor rugs, colorful dish towels, and patterned window treatments like Roman shades or café curtains.

By selecting the right paint colors and following these tips, sellers can appeal to a broader range of buyers and potentially boost their home’s value.

If you find this confusing or want to make sure you choose the right paint color for your home in the Desert, give me a call! “Let’s walk through your home, and I’ll provide you with the finest recommendations to maximize your home’s value.”

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